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Karaoke, DJ, Puppets, & Adult Comedy

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Crazy Jack provides the largest selection of 'full-digital' music in the Baltimore / Wash DC Area.Book Now !
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Featuring standard comedic 'standup', as well as Jack's 'Adult Puppet Show' of over a dozen different characters.Book Now !
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Who We Are

Remember, It's all just for the fun of it ! We are all here to have fun with each other, and support one another's efforts, without regard. Our group shares a special kinship running back through many years of spending each weekend together. You can usually recognize us wearing our 'Wal-Mart Attire & Apparel', usually gathering to celebrate events and holidays.

We have as a group watched new young-budding talent's first debut;

To the head-strong regulars that choose to perform far outside their 'Comfort Zone';

To the returning visits of popular singers of the past that have come back to visit us from time to time.

And, we have witnessed all the points in between.

We weekly share the 'surprise and awe' of spectacular performances, as well as the party-fueled 'crash and burn' performances that we have come to know and love. As a group, we tend to carry a unpretentious attitude of appreciation and tolerance for each other.

So, come on in, introduce yourself, grab a drink and a ticket, and sing your lungs out!
We're not here to rate or criticize, only to support, share, and have some fun.

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Visitor Stats

We have published our basic visitor statistics from the site server.

  • We had 423 visits from 2010 to 2012, over 70% from the Baltimore Metro Area.
  • The most popular page was our 'media page' followed by our 'links page'.
  • To all our visitors, both past & present -
Thank You !!

What We Do

We gather each week so that we can have some fun with each other; Share a few drinks & tell some stories to one another. Most of the 'regulars' have known each other for over a decade of singing & good times together. Often you will see small groups celebrating birthdays, events, & anniversaries.

You will find that several members have selected certain 'covers', song that they do best. It is a good-practice to listen to the rotation of the room. Later, you will be able to recognize particular singers & their 'Signature' tunes & styles.

As is often, throughout the year during holidays, a common theme is customary. 2010's Halloween Dance theme turned out to be "Pirates", of both past & present.

So, 'grab-a-few' friends, come-on in, 'get-a-few' drinks, &
'fill-a-few' song tickets.

Sure, we would love to have your company the next time we sing. Just let Mr. Jack know who you are and sit down and grab a song book! Grab a Drink & Get Down and don't be shy about sharing 'mic time' with other singers.

We try to maintain a 'party-atmosphere' with respect & care, among all other guests who are present, without any prejudices.

  • Weekly Karaoke Shows

    Crazy Jack can offer the biggest 'all-digital' selection of karaoke music for your patrons. Within seconds of your guests picking a song, Crazy Jack will queue it up & have its lyrics & sounds pouring from his 'state-of-the-art' system.

    As one of the East-Coast's funniest comedians, Crazy Jack can wake up & tickle even the deadest of rooms, creating a lively enviroment & promoting increased sales.

    Full Service Disc Jockey and Karaoke Set-Up utilizing 'State-of-the-Art' equipment featuring over 50 years of music selection. Public Venues, Bars, Clubs, & Private Events.

    To catch Crazy Jack at one of his live shows, please refer to the Live Show Date Calendar.

  • The Adult Puppet Show

    Let Crazy Jack & his special friends put you back in touch with your 'inner-child'. Jack & his many varied creations can tickle the funny bone in any room or at any event;
    Nelly Star, The Hundred Year Old Man, Julio, Wally, Wendell, Chucky, Clive...
    the list goes on & on.

    Jack's Puppet Acts are hilarious, & often contain a 'special message' that speaks to the child hidden within. Jack tailors each show to custom fit each audience & venue. With an almost endless array of insults, Jack & his puppets can entertain for hours & his act can enhance any event or party.

    See Jack & his many wild 'Special Friends' entertain & evoke with their unique Adult Humor. Public Events Only There's no telling what Jack will bring 'Out-of-the-Box'.

  • The Comedy Routine

    With over 25 years experience, Crazy Jack is one of the most widely known & exclusive local east-coast based comedy artist of our time, adding his special 'Baltimore-Flavor' to the mix. Touring over 50 venues from coast-to-coast, Jack is recognized all over the United States.

    As a versatile 'Jack-of-all-Trades', Mr. Jack offers entertainment in the areas of Music & Karaoke Hosting, Stand-Up Comedy, Adult-Based Acts & Humor, Magic & Slight-of-Hand Acts;

    As well as being one of the dying art breed of accomplished Stage Ventriloquists, with a wide selection of puppets that can be tailored to fit the demands of any venue or show; Adult Comedy Only!

The Social Scene

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